Flexible Packaging Manufacturers


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Anchor Packaging provides a complete line of attractive and functional polypropylene and PET take out packaging.

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Durable Packaging International Durable Packaging International offers standard aluminum commodity items, upscale take out packaging, catering trays as well as wax paper products.

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Welcome Home Brands

Welcome Home Brands offers an extensive line of eye-catching oven-safe paper bakeware.

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Zenith Bag Co

Zenith Specialty Bag Co. has grown to be the largest independent manufacturer of paper products for the bakery, coffee, and fast food industries in the United States.

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Freeport Paper

Freeport Paper Industries offers pizza boxes and bakery boxes as well as specialty boxes in all sizes, corrugated, B-flute, E-flute, White, Kraft, and all ranges of “Ultra Clay” boxes. Both Clay and corrugated boxes are available plain, stock, and custom printed.

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