How to Choose Luxury Tableware for Your Restaurant

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Americans tend to order in more frequently than they dine out. However, no one can resist a good dinner date, so when they go out they're going to make it count. A luxurious, elegant, and comfortable restaurant ambiance is key when trying to get people through your doors for a first date, anniversary, or family

10 Reasons to Invest in Porcelain Plates for Your Hotel Dining Room

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Are you seeking a way to enhance the guest experience at your hotel? Target your dining room. Free breakfast remains the top amenity that guests seek when booking hotels. Research shows that three-quarters of guests prefer hot breakfast buffets to continental breakfasts. The demand for morning meals at hotels is strong since they're convenient and help travelers save

Deep Plate Exercise: October 2015

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Courtesy of Stella Lorens, Culinary Artist, Michelle Lansky, Culinary Writer – Edward Don & Company, Woodridge, IL   AUTUMN NORTHERN (CHICAGO) ITALIAN Lake perch fillets pan-fried with Vesuvio Sauce (Chicago Style) with peas. Complimented with pomegranate seeds, sliced black Olives, Parmigianino, fresh basil, and red onion slivers. Ombre by Tafelstern I Want to Deep Plate!

Deep Plate Exercise: September 2015

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The Mini Serving Pan by WMF September’s Deep Plate exercise features an item from our WMF brand that allows you to jump into the fall months with savory, comforting and warm dishes. This sleek, stainless steel, mini serving pan will bring a wow factor to your table delighting your guests. Perfect for desserts, tapas, and

Deep Plate Exercise: May 2015

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Spring has arrived, finally! The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and green grass is popping out below the melting snow. This is the perfect time of year to let your creativity shine through. Therefore, we are offering you a unique combination for plating this month. For May’s exercise we will

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