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A Guide to the Different Types of Chef Hats

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Chef hats have a fascinating story, starting with a surprising tale from long ago. It's said that King Henry VIII was so upset about finding a hair strand in his food one time that he ordered the cook to be beheaded. This shocking event made chef hats a must in kitchens! Nowadays, chef hats do

An Overview of the Chef Works Brand

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More than 90% of consumers favor staff in uniforms for their easy recognizability. This isn't merely about uniformity but about instilling trust and professionalism in every interaction. Enter Chef Works, a brand steeped in tradition from the 1960s, dedicated to fusing functionality with flair. In the busy areas of restaurants and hospitality, a uniform does more

Looking Stylish at Work: What to Look for in Chef Coats for Your Chefs

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Are you the owner or manager of a restaurant, hotel, cruise line, or another type of business that serves food and employs chefs? If so, you should make sure you hire the best possible chefs to work for your company. There are about 150,000 chefs in the U.S. today. Your goal should be to locate

A Guide to the Different Styles of Chef Pants

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are right around 150,000 chefs working throughout the country right now. These chefs work in diners, Michelin Star restaurants, and everything in between. In order to be successful, these chefs need to go through the proper training. They also need to acquire the right tools of

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