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9 Innovative Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions to Reduce Waste

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You want your restaurant to provide easy and reliable takeout, yet you also want to be environmentally conscious. So where do those two ideas intersect? With sustainable food packaging! If you're looking for some great ideas to bring your restaurant's takeout packaging into the modern era of responsible eco-commerce, you're in the right place. Today

HGI Recognized as Eco-Products “2015 Broker of the Year”

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The Hode Group (HGI) was recognized as Eco-Products' 2015 Broker of the Year at their National Sales Conference in Boulder, Colorado. This special honor came in light of HGI's outstanding performance in 2015 with recognition and gratitude going towards the amazing team at Eco-Products and HGI’s key distribution partners. The HGI team looks forward to a great 2016

Forget Deflate-Gate… Check this out! Eco-Products “…makes the cut”!

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Only five made it, Eco-Products and WNA were two of them!

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