Spring has arrived, finally! The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and green grass is popping out below the melting snow. This is the perfect time of year to let your creativity shine through. Therefore, we are offering you a unique combination for plating this month.

For May’s exercise we will be sending a Luigi Bormioli, beverage glass from the original Michelangelo collection along with a saucer from Tafelstern’s Avantgarde collection. The Michelangelo collection from Luigi Bormioli includes a wide and complete array of stemware and tumblers. Avantgarde from Tafelstern offers a basic collection of plates accentuated by the wide concave rims and is accented by extravagant serving dishes, plates and bowls with  oasis la habra home cleaning . This month’s combination although unexpected has a classic feel and is the perfect canvas for the creative chef. So let the creative juices flow and share your masterpieces with us!

may 2015 deep plate 1

may 2015 deep plate

Michelangelo by Luigi Bormioli

Avantgarde by Tafelstern

I Want to Deep Plate!